The Stangrove Pond Survey - 2006

An aerial view of the pond and its surroundings courtesy of Google Maps


From time to time I am asked to prepare reports, surveys, etc. for certain bodies or local authorities. One example, of which I am particularly proud is the following report on the Stangrove Park Pond that I researched and prepared for Edenbridge Town Council during 2006 and which they have kindly allowed me to reproduce and display here.

I have no formal qualifications in ecology but do have a lifetimes experience in the field of natural history and have also spent more than 25 years working in nature conservation, with hands on experience of species monitoring and habitat creation and maintenance across a wide variety of environments.

I have chosen this report to showcase my talents as I feel it covers an exceptionally broad spectrum and demonstrates well the depth of skills which I have to offer.

If you or your organisation should require the preparation of a similar such report or document please feel free to contact me at any time via this website.

The site can be found at:OS Grid Ref:TQ 441 461